Minapro ultra consulting collaborates with Honda Manufacturing Ltd to introduce small agriculture machinery to farmers.

Minapro Ultra Consulting (MUCL) is collaborating with Honda Manufacturing Ltd(HMNL) to introduce small agriculture machinery to farmers. A demonstration of the Honda FQ650 Tiller machine was conducted recently. The FQ650 tiller machine is ideal for super fast cultivation with a tilling speed of 10 square meters/minute and is thus capable of carrying. The Managing Director of Honda, Mr. Tetsuya Kawai led his team to carry out the demonstration. Introducing small machinery to farmers is the sure way to agriculture mechanization in the country. 

This process will help reduce drudgery along the production value chain and, most importantly, attract youths into agriculture. This is the more reason MUCL ensured that university students on IT are part of this demonstration. This collaboration between Honda Manufacturing and Minapro Ultra Consulting will open a new chapter in agriculture mechanization in the country and will lead to increase productivity hence food security and a reduction in social vices among the youths.

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